Game of Legions is a Fantasy Combat Match Three Game for Windows Phone

Game of Legions Cover

Longing to play an interesting match three game on your Windows Phone? Then, Game of Legions is a title you’ve got to check out. It involves matching tiles to launch attacks on your enemies.

The main battle screen displays your army at the bottom of the screen along with your commander’s life and gold count, while the enemy army and the enemy commander’s life and gold count are displayed at the top. You need to match three or more weapons to launch a string of weapons at the enemy. You need to take out enemy units from the bottom of the screen and create a path all the way to the top of the screen where you eventually have to bring down the enemy commander. The difficulty in the game is that you will also be attacked by the enemy and will lose troops at every turn. Each battle will cost you one crystal and a victory will earn you one too! Crystals will also replenish every twenty minutes, but you can also buy them with gold.

Game of Legions 1

Game of Legions 2

Game of legions is a lot of fun as you have swords, spears, arrows, and chain reactions flying across the screen. You can also head over to the Blacksmith to upgrade the various weapons at hand. There are currently 20 levels with 60 challenges to play through and while they are easy to play, you might find yourself spending more time than your bargained for to emerge victorious. If you do manage to come out on top, you can brag about your accomplishments on Facebook.

Game of Legions is available on the Windows Phone Store for the price of free. Do check out this cool game and let us know what you think.

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