Gameloft Brings Jousting Action to Windows Phone Courtesy Rival Knights

If you’re a Gameloft fan with a Windows Phone, you’re probably in gaming heaven right now. In case you didn’t notice, the company is on a game releasing spree on the platform and Rival Knights is the latest game it has added to its collection.

Rival Knights 1

Rival Knights 2

The basic premise of Rival Knights is that you are a relatively unknown knight who is participating in a jousting tournament to win plenty of cash and the sweet maiden’s hand! You start off the game by tapping the screen and when you have the right speed boost for your run, you tap on the indicator to accelerate. Then you aim your lance at the marked “weak” spot on the enemy, and if you’ve done it correctly, you’ll see your opponents flying off the steed in true ragdoll style physics gameplay. As with any action game, you have plenty of weapons and armor and options to customize and upgrade them to your liking.

Rival Knights has immersive 3D graphics with dynamic camera angles that add a life-like reality to the proceedings. There’s also a multiplayer option for you to challenge other players through asynchronous game play and participate in weekly PVP tournaments to win cool rewards and gain glory and fame.

Rival Knights is a free download on the Windows Phone Store. Take this game for a spin and tell us what you think of it!

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