Gameloft Launches GameHub App for Windows Phone with Five Freemium Titles Included

GameHub 1

Do you love playing Gameloft titles on your Windows Phone but find it a bit annoying to have to sift through the Store to access all of them at one time? If so, then there’s good news ahead. Gameloft has released a GameHub app for Windows Phones that acts as a central hub to access all your favorite Gameloft tiles. You can find all of their popular titles as well as some regular ones that are not available by default on the Windows Store.

You can download the games by accessing the links in the app to the Windows Phone Store or in case of titles that are not available on the Store, you can download them directly from the app. GameHub is currently featuring 5 new freemium titles that are not available on the Store and they include Danger Dash, Green Farm 3, Littlest Pet Shop, Wonder Zoo, and Real Football 2014.

The new games are really quite unimpressive and don’t appear to be optimized for the platform, but its early days yet and we can expect things to get better in the upcoming versions. Meanwhile, if you are a fan of Gameloft, it won’t hurt to check out the free GameHub app for Windows Phone. You may just find a hidden gem or two in there.

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