Gameloft Unleashes Total Conquest on Windows Platform

Total Conquest Windows 8 (1)

Popular mobile game developers Gameloft promised smartphone users as well as PC, laptop and tablet users that they will be delivering plenty of their popular games on the Windows platform. Today, it is the turn of one such game to meet that requirement. The popular strategy game Total Conquest has hit the Store and what’s more, you can play the game for free on a device of your choice.

Total Conquest puts you in the hands of a Roman Governor who must develop his city and his army and then strike out to conquer neighboring regions in a bid to become the ruler of the mighty  Roman Empire.

Total Conquest Windows 8 (2)

Total Conquest Windows 8 (3)

Total Conquest Windows 8 (4)

Total Conquest Windows 8 (5)

Sounds like a lot of fun? It is, with plenty of units that you can set to defend your city; from towers and traps to walls and garrisoned units. You will train over 10 different types of units to take on the solo campaigns or you could form legions, and combine forces with your allies to take on players from around the world.

You can grab Total Conquest for your Windows Phone 8 here and for your Windows 8 PC here.

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