Gameloft’s Next Windows Phone Release is Order & Chaos Duels

Order & Chaos Duels Windows Phone

If you’ve been catching up on all the latest Windows Phone games on our site, you’ll know that Gameloft, like Disney, has been on a game releasing spree on the platform. The newest game to land on the Store is Order & Chaos Duels.

This game is based on the popular action Order & Chaos series, but its not an action game like Heroes of Order and Chaos, but rather a turn based trading card game. It is set in a fantasy world of Haradon where you will engage in adventures and quests to fight against the evil forces.

Order & Chaos Duels 1

Order & Chaos Duels 2

Order & Chaos Duels 3

Order & Chaos Duels 4

You have over 300 exquisite cards to collect, each card holding all sorts of magical special effects to use in spectacular online PvP battles. The game is rather large in size (almost 500 MB) but that’s mostly due to the fact that the imagery used is of the highest quality. Rest assured, you’ll still be able to play the game on your 512 MB device like the Lumia 520.

If you are a die hard fan of the Order & Chaos series, you’ll want to pick up this game for sure. Its available for free on the Windows Phone Store.

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