Gameloft’s Diablo Inspired RPG Dungeon Hunter 4 Lands on Windows Phone and Windows 8

Dungeon Hunter 4 Windows 8 (1)
Who says there aren’t any good games on the Windows Store? Gameloft has been consistently delivering games on all mobile platforms and Windows hasn’t been an exception. They promised to launch as many as 15 games for Windows Phone and Windows 8 last August, and true to their promise they have delivered the action packed hack ‘n’ slash RPG Dungeon Hunter 4.

Dungeon Hunter 4 is set in the fantasy kingdom of Valenthia, which has been ravaged by demons long thought dead. You play the hero who has survived an earlier battle but don’t remember much of what happened. You find yourself gifted with mysterious powers and skills and along with a little bit of help from the angels, you set out to defend humanity.
Dungeon Hunter 4 Windows 8 (2)Dungeon Hunter 4 Windows 8 (3) Dungeon Hunter 4 Windows 8 (4)
Dungeon Hunter 4 has similarities to the classic Diablo in its gameplay and camera style. You can choose between four character classes that come with their own unique combat skills. You will explore vast areas and mazes in stunning environments, slash umpteen number of enemies that stand in your way and collect loot and gold that they drop. You will use the resources collected to upgrade your battle skills and customize your gear. The fun aspect of any good RPG is playing with friends and there is a lot of good multiplayer action in the PvP modes and co-op arenas.
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Dungeon Hunter 4 needs about 1 GB of RAM, which means it may be a tad too heavy to play on your cell phone, but you can try lowering the quality of the graphics in your Settings section if you have any trouble. If you’ve got the device to check out the game, click on the links mentioned below.

Dungeon Hunter 4 for your Windows Phone is free and can be downloaded here. You can also check it out on a Windows 8 and RT device by clicking here.

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