Get Your Match-3 Fix With Roly Poly Penguin

Roly Poly Penguin Windows Phone
The goal of Roly Poly Penguin is simple. Feed the penguin! To do this you simply match at least three fish on the screen of the same color. Yes, this is the extremely simple and overplayed idea of match-3 but even if the idea has been done before doesn’t mean Roly Poly Penguin is bad, in fact it is quite good.

Roly Poly Penguin is one of the cutest games that I’ve seen which may swing some downloads if you’re into that. With that being said the graphics are polished and there are no complaints there. Gameplay wise, again is simple but it works. Roly Poly Penguin tries to differentiate by adding special fish that can evolve as well as a shop to buy special one time use items. There are also daily challenges to keep you interested and to keep coming back. Overall, Roly Poly Penguin is simple and the concept is familiar but still worth looking into.

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