Give Your Fingers Something to Do with Extreme Forklifting for Windows Phone

Extreme Forklifting Windows Phone

A forklift is not a vehicle you drive around every day in. Well, not even once in a way. Hell, its not even something you fiddle around with on a mobile game. So wouldn’t you be tempted if someone put together an extreme forklifting game? I sure would. So here’s Extreme Forklifting, a game that will have you picking up pallets from point A and dropping them off at point B with some challenging limitations to make your job tough as hell.

The game’s premise is rather simple, but the task gets tough if you want to earn points quickly. You’ll earn bonus points for dropping pallets at super speeds without damaging them. As you progress through the game, you’ll find the pallets getting heavier and the drop-off locations trickier.

Extreme Forklifting 1

Extreme Forklifting 2

Extreme Forklifting 3

Extreme Forklifting 4

Controlling a forklift is by no means easy. The steering wheel is to the left of the screen with a couple of levers to the right. The lower lever can be used to throttle backwards and forwards, while the upper lever lets you move the fork up and down. The camera view can be altered by swiping to the left and right of the screen. It will take you a while to get comfortable with the heavy equipment, but once you master the controls, you’ll find the going fun.

Successful completion of the job earns you pay and bonus points, but you’ll be penalized for any damages too. The game currently does not offer more locations or equipment upgrades, but hopefully, we’ll have those improvements in future versions. For now, you can pick up Extreme Forklifiting from the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.

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