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Nutjitsu Windows Phone

Are you ready to go absolutely nuts!? Then check out Nutjitsu, the crazy maze sneak game by NinjaBee/Wahoo Studios. Note that in fact Nutjitsu has been out for Windows 8 for a while but has just been directly ported over to the Xbox One which is a cool thing and something that is happening more and more with mobile games.

Nutjitsu 1

Nutjitsu 2

Nutjitsu 3

Nutjitsu 4

The story behind Nutjitsu is that it puts squirrels and foxes against one another. After the foxes steal all the squirrels acorns, you go out to steal them back. Gameplay of Nutjitsu is relatively simple. You are put in a maze like level with foxes running around. You try and traverse the maze, grab the acorns and not get caught/killed. However, Nutjitsu makes it harder and puts a little twist on it. Firstly you leave behind footprints behind you which can alert the foxes. There
are also a lot of different enemies that can get you. Luckily you do have some powers such as smoke bombs, freeze bombs, clones, etc. Overall, Nutjitsu is reminiscent of Pac-Man but with a new age twist.

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