Hidden Object Game Mirror Mysteries 2 Smashes into the Windows Phone Store

Hidden object games tend you keep you engaged for hours with their powerful storylines, especially when there is an air of mystery and intrigue about them. Mirror Mysteries 2 isn’t a very lengthy game, but it sucks you into mystical worlds inside a magical mirror and taunts you to discover and solve the mysteries behind it.

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The game is the second installment in the series and follows the story of Tommy who went on the hunt for the magical mirror in the first episode. Unfortunately he never came back and in the sequel, you set out to help his sister find him. You travel from one magical mirror world to the next, collecting clues and hidden objects, completing tasks, and hopefully solving the mystery behind the mirrors and finding Tommy.

Mirror Mysteries 2 Windows Phone (1)Mirror Mysteries 2 Windows Phone (2)Mirror Mysteries 2 Windows Phone (3)Mirror Mysteries 2 Windows Phone (4)

Mirror Mysteries 2 should provide about two to three hours of good entertainment. If you have played Mirror Mysteries and are eager to see out the conclusion of the game, you can download the sequel from the Windows Phone Store.

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