Hockey Fight – The Toughest Game Comes to Windows Phone

Hockey Fight Windows Phone

When it comes to hockey a lot of people watch just for the fights that break out. This is understandable as people love fighting as you can tell with the prevalence of sports like boxing and MMA. Now, game developer RatRad Studio has made a game that is just hockey based fighting called Hockey Fight.

Hockey Fight 1

Hockey Fight 2

Hockey Fight 3

Hockey Fight 4

As you can guess in Hockey Fight you..well..fight like hockey players. In Hockey Fight there are two modes of play; Tournament and Quick Play (there is no multiplayer). Quick play is what you’d expect with just single fights against computer players. Tournament however puts you against enemy AI over and over. Actual fighting controls consists of just hitting and blocking, no movement. Punches correspond to four buttons; left/right fist and then low/high punch. There are also some special moves you can do by building up your special meter. Overall the idea of Hockey Fight is interesting and if you really like hockey fighting then go ahead and check it out.

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