Honor Quest: Steam & Magic for Windows Phone

Honor Quest Steam and Magic Windows Phone
There are only a few great RPG titles available on Windows Phone / Windows 10 store today. When some fresh RPG come into the play it instantly raise an eyebrow. However most of the time it ends up with disappointment. This time, with Honor Quest: Steam & Magic is different.

SC Mobile team published Honor Quest: Steam & Magic. After playing it for a few minutes, you’ll see that HQ is one addictive real time strategy RPG. Packed with nice graphics and steampunk vibe it mimics the gameplay of the legendary Heroes of Might & Magic. Summoning and evolving heroes, crushing enemies in fierce combat will make you play this game for hours, at least i did.

Honor Quest: Steam & Magic game features

  • Experience battles with the unique Active Time Battle system.
  • Summon heroes with unique skills to fight against other players or monsters.
  • Upgrade your team unbeatable and form strategic battle formations.
  • Brew unique battle potions and show off what you are capable of with magic.
  • Join Guild Wars to terminate massive Guild Bosses with guild mates.
  • Defeat opponents in arena and win amazing rewards.
  • Play and chat with other players from around the world.

Beautiful graphics and animations of Honor Quest covers a bit of overwhelming gaming features. At least at start. After a while you get used to it and can enjoy the game completely.

Honor Quest: Steam & Magic is available for free on Windows Phone store, so grab one now and give it a go.

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