Hopping Penguin is a Happy Endless Running Platformer for your Windows Phone

Hopping Penguin Windows Phone

Its not every day that you meet a delightfully clever penguin who can invent things. Well, the hero of Hopping Penguin just invented an ice-cream machine and well pleased with his success, tucked it into his bed only to wake up the next morning and find it gone. Penguin steps out of his home to discover the trail left behind by the perpetrator of the crime. Icy popsicles and frozen treats scattered all over the scenic environment. He sets out with a vengeance to collect all of them and get back his machine.

And so begins a beautiful endless running adventure that will have you tapping to jump and double jump over obstacles, slide against walls and reach the safety of the hot air balloon at the other end. The game also throws in some interesting power ups that are typical of such games, which you will enjoy making use of.

Hopping Penguin (1)

Hopping Penguin (2)

Hopping Penguin features 4 different worlds including a jungle, a desert, and a castle and there are 8 levels to play in each enchanting world. The game also includes hidden levels but only if you manage to pick up sufficient number of keys scattered throughout the various levels.

Hopping Penguin is free to play but is ad-supported. You can lose the ads by picking up an ice cream pack for 99 cents or $1.49 via IAPs, but that’s completely optional. Check it out on the Windows Phone Store if you’re looking for a Rayman Fiesta Run type-of-game. I don’t guarantee that it beats the latter, but it sure is plenty of good fun for the price of free.

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