Horse Around and Save a Kingdom in Endless Runner Unicorn Rush for Windows Phone

Unicorn Rush

Unicorn Rush is a fairy-tale like game with colorful graphics and an even more colorful storyline. It is set in the fantasy Kingdom of Grant where a riot near the border gives the evil Duke Hogan a chance to sneak into the capital and kidnap the king and the princess. You are one of the brave knights of the king who must rush back to the capital on horseback, defeat the evil duke and restore the king back to his throne.

There are over 100 levels in the game, which means your task is cut out for you. Your path is filled with various obstacles and traps such as rocks and crevices while and man-eating fish, giant thorny vines await you at unexpected turns. Coins and powerups lie along the way and collecting them will help you upgrade your gear and survive your journey longer. Each level has an objective and you must complete the objective before you reach the finish line. Also, a treasure chest is aptly placed before the end of the level as a reward for your efforts. It can contain anything from coins to diamonds to gear for your steed.

Unicorn Rush 4

Unicorn Rush 5

Diamonds can be traded for extra lives or you can start the game all over again if you don’t want to expend them. If you’re wondering when the unicorn is going to show up, well, you can have him right away if you have plenty of gold or diamonds to buy them from the game store.

As far as the game mechanics go, there are left and right swipes for movements in the respective directions. Swiping up will get your steed to jump and swiping down will have you ducking under. Tapping the screen will unleash arrows at incoming monsters and if your steed happens to grow wings, just tilt the screen to control him.

Apart from all the action, you can customize your horse, change your rider style and upgrade your horse with some fancy looking gear. Overall, there’s plenty of content to wade through and tons of customization options to get carried away with and its all available on the Windows Phone Store for the cool price of $0.99. Do check it out and tell us what you think!

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