Ice Rage: Hockey Brings Smashingly Good Two Player Shootouts for Windows Phone

Ice Rage Hockey Windows Phone

Ice Hockey is a game you can just never get enough of. Unlike other sports games that focuses so much on winning, ice hockey is entertaining as well in that you can knock down your opponents, smash them against the glass, or just dive into the ice and eat some!

The Windows Phone game Ice Rage: Hockey does let you fool around a bit too, but you also have to be serious and score some goals to win. Unlike the real game, you won’t be playing with a full squad. There are two keepers on either side with a player representing each side. The keeper is automatically controlled in the game, so you only have to maneuver your player to complete your missions.

Ice Rage Hockey 1

Ice Rage Hockey 2

Ice Rage Hockey 3

Ice Rage Hockey 4

Ice Rage features three single player modes (Tournament, Quick Match, and Deathmatch) as well as a single device multiplayer mode for two players. Players can choose one of many quirky game characters from an Enviro-Bear to a zombie to vent your ice rage.

The game’s graphics and animations look superb and considering the game has had good reviews on Android, the Windows Phone 8 version should do well too! Ice Rage: Hockey is available on the Windows Phone Store for $1.99. You can check out the trial version of the game before you go ahead and make the purchase. One other thing to bear in mind is that the game offers IAPs, but they are completely optional.

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