Icy Episodic Adventure Game The Veil Lands on Windows Phone

The Veil Windows Phone

Episodic adventure games are great provided there isn’t too much of a time lag between the releases. If you’re a fan of such types of games, here’s one you can enjoy on your Windows Phone. Its called “The Veil” and its inspired by the notorious Canadian Northwest Passage, where many a ship is known to have vanished without a trace.

The Veil 1

The Veil 2

The Veil 3

The Veil 4

In the first of its four-part storyline, you control a submarine through icy caverns in the hopes of solving an age old mystery. The Seymour, an ill-fated ship and its crew disappeared off the icy cold waters of the Glass Veil, an area between the Old World Ethia and Olus, a land of free men. The Veil has now receded giving you the opportunity to navigate its icy depths and discover what happened to the ship.

The key features of the game include its stunning immersive environments, amazing soundtrack, and realistic voice overs that guide you through the storyline.

The Veil is currently available exclusively for Windows Phone for the price of free. Take it for a spin and tell us what you think about the game.

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