Incinerate Enemies with Your Fiery Breath in Dragon Revenge for Windows Phone

Dragon Revenge

Haven’t you always wanted to play a mighty dragon, blowing your fiery breath on enemies and terrorizing villages? You can do all that and more in the fresh new arcade style game on your Windows Phone called Dragon Revenge.

As the beastly dragon, you get to patrol the skies while destroying everything below you including buildings, trees, cows…whatever, while avoiding the villagers’ arrows and hot air balloon attacks. Your ultimate aim of course is to get back your gold!

Dragon’s Revenge features plenty of fun levels that are filled with missions and challenges that can help you earn extra points. You have seven types of abilities ranging from boulder throws to health regeneration and you can pump up your dragon with the requisite skills and boosts needed for every fresh new level. Of course, you must first be able to afford them so its wise to start playing a few rounds and collecting as much gold as possible to afford the skills later on. Gold can be spent on extra lives too, in case you are eventually brought down and don’t want to start over.

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The game’s controls are via virtual buttons available at the bottom of the screen. The left controls are for movement and the one’s on the right are for weapons. A health meter and gold counter available at the top of the screen are indicators of your current resource stats.

It’s easy to get drawn into the beautifully animated Dragon Revenge and while it may not have a whole lot of creative gameplay options, there’s enough to spend some enjoyable hours on. Grab Dragon’s Revenge in the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.

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