Intense Top Down Racer Mini Motor Racing is now Available on your Windows Phone

Mini Motor Racing Windows Phone

Traditional racing games are great, but there’s something wildly exciting about top down racers that push your racing skills to the limit with their intense and tight racing action. If you enjoy such type of games, you’ll want to check out Mini Motor Racing. In this game you will be racing to finish at the top and as always you’ll only have a half-baked vehicle to do it in. You need to earn money by winning races and then use that to upgrade your vehicle. And trust me, in Mini Motor Racing, the sooner you do it, the better.

There are 30 delightful race tracks to tackle, some that even come with special themes such as the Fruit Ninja theme. Your success or failure will depend on how well you master these tracks so you’ll be spending plenty of time understanding the curves and intricacies of navigating them, just as much as racing on them. As far as the controls go, the game offers four different types, each one designed for player convenience.

Mini Motor Racing 1

Mini Motor Racing 2

Mini Motor Racing 3

Mini Motor Racing 4

There are two game modes in Mini Motor Racing; a Quick Play mode and a Career mode. The Career mode features a vast map with plenty of cup races included. The maps themselves are cleverly altered to give it a fresh look each time you play. There are different weather conditions and day/night modes to play through which adds to the variety in gameplay.

If you are looking for a fun visual racing entertainer you can pick up Mini Motor Racing from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99.

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