Jab Your Way to Victory in Real Steel World Robot Boxing for Windows Phone

Real Steel World Robot Boxing Windows Phone

Real Steel grabbed plenty of attention when it brought the Hugh Jackman movie tie-in game to the mobile platform. The game has since gone on to become bigger and better with its sequel, Real Steel World Robot Boxing. Now you can enjoy the game on your Windows Phone.

In the sequel, you’ll take on more robots, 24 impressive ones in fact, in the Championship mode to fight to the finish and be crowned champion. You can also do a quick round of boxing in the Time Attack mode to see how expeditiously you can dispatch your opponent. If you prefer to choose a specific level bot, you can take up the Free Sparing mode and if you’re looking to pick up some quick bonus cash, you have the Daily Exhibition matches to participate in.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing 1

Real Steel World Robot Boxing 2

Real Steel World Robot Boxing 3

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

You will still be punching and jabbing away your opponents using the left and right on-screen controls. But sadly, it looks like the clunkiness of the previous game hasn’t completely gone away in this one yet. Upgrades are obviously the key to successfully taking down the higher level bots and you can do that using the money earned from your fights. You can improve the power and special skills of the robots by upgrading the motherboard, power core, chassis, mainframe, and hydraulics. You can also customize your robot with some stylish paint jobs. The robots themselves need energy to box and while they do regenerate every five minutes or so, you can soon run out and hop into the IAP store for more.

Real Robot World Boxing may not have perfected the art of boxing yet, but if you’re a fan of the series head over to the Windows Phone Store to pick it up.

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