LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack Lands on Windows 8 and Windows Phone

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack (1)

LEGO games are great fun. They are light hearted and hard to put down once you get started. If you have a Windows Phone or a Windows 8 PC, you can enjoy more LEGO action in the form of Lego Hero Factory – Brain Attack.

The game is set in the Makuhero City, which is under attack from waves upon waves of evil brains that are attacking the Hero factory. Your task is to defend the city from the waves of incoming brains. You have plenty of weapons at your disposal and the option to customize your hero with your choice of weapons and armor. You can also hire a Hero to play your sidekick and help you in your defense.

Points earned in the game can be used to upgrade your defenses and firepower and better your chances of beating the baddies. While the game isn’t Xbox Live supported, there are plenty of achievements that you can unlock as you progress through the game.

LEGO Hero has great 3D graphics, sound humor, and immersive music that amply complements gameplay. You can play a 10 minute trial before you buy the game for $0.99, after which you will receive 200 bonus points. If you are ready for some LEGO action, download the game on your Windows Phone and Windows 8 device here and here.

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