Lines is an Engaging Color Matching Game for Windows Phone

Lines Windows Phone

Color matching games are a dime a dozen on the Windows Phone Store. Some of them are just a theme variation of another game, but I haven’t seen one like Lines from That Wonderful Lemon Co.

In the game you have a column within which colored circles drop down in rows. Your job is to flick your fingers to the left or right to move the top row to match a color to the one below it. As the row of colors keep dropping, you must adjust the top row and keep building a same-colored line. If you miss a color, you can start afresh from the next row. You can also move the column around and try to form lines from another side of the column.

Lines 1

Lines 2

The lines so formed don’t disappear off the column so the game doesn’t play in an endless loop. Once the column gets filled up, the game is over and your scores are totaled. You earn stars for your performance and the longer your line, the more stars you earn.

Powerups come in the form of “Helpers”. A Shuffle helper lets you shuffle the line when you don’t like the current one, while another helper doubles your score.

Lines is an engaging game that you can easily get caught up in. You can make use of IAPs to buy extra lives, stars, and helpers but if you play it in short bursts you won’t have to worry about spending any real world money at all.

Lines is available on the Windows Phone Store for the price of free. Take it for a spin and tell us what you think of the game.

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