Load Your Guns and Get Ready for Blitz Brigade on your Windows Phone

Blitz Brigade Windows Phone

If you love first person shooters, here’s some good news for you. Gameloft has just outed Blitz Brigade on the Windows Phone Store. In the game, you sign up to be a soldier, gunner, medic, sniper, or stealth specialist, team up with players from other parts of the world and head over to experience the ultimate in FPS showdown.

The game allows up to 12 players to battle each other at any given time with over 100 different types of weapons. You can frag your opponents in the Deathmatch mode or try and control the battlefield in the Domination mode. You’ll have three different types of vehicles to use to your advantage and if you take the time and effort to master the skills in each class, you’ll very likely be the best in the business.

Blitz Brigade 1

Blitz Brigade 2

Blitz Brigade 3

Blitz Brigade 4

There’s plenty of content to play through too, thanks to the 120+ missions in the game. You also have a handy voice chat system that will let you co-ordinate attack strategies with your teammates in real time. Not everything’s serious business though; you can make use of some rather amusing kill phrases to tease and taunt your opponents if you like!

Blitz Brigade is available for Windows Phone for the price of free. If you are an FPS lover, so be sure to hit that link right away.

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