Magic Jigsaw Puzzles is a Fun Casual game for Windows 8

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Windows Phone

Casual games are the perfect tools to kill your boredom. They are easy to pick up and play and have tendency to clear the cobwebs from your mind too! One of the popular types of casual games are jigsaw puzzles. Whether young or old, jigsaw puzzles hold their own level of fascination. If you have a Windows 8 device, then XIMAD have the perfect jigsaw games for you.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles contains three packs of jigsaw puzzles with a new special picture added every day. Whether you’re a novice or someone looking tougher challenges, you’ll find enough to satisfy you in the four difficulty modes packed in the game. The lowest level of difficulty includes 35 pieces while the toughest puzzle involves as many as 280 pieces.

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles (1)

Magic Jigsaw Puzzles (2)

Pets, architecture and nature are the free puzzles packs available on download. Each pack contains 5 jigsaw puzzles and you can play them with 35, 70, 140 and 280 pieces. You can buy additional puzzle packs from the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles Store.

Two interesting features in the game caught my attention. One is the ability to change the color of the puzzle board, which is perfect in situations where the color of the puzzle pieces merges with the background making it hard to put things together. Now by going over to the Settings section and changing the color options, it was much easier to distinguish the pieces from the background. The second interesting feature is that I could create jigsaw puzzles from my own pictures, the ones I had saved on my PC. Its certainly a change from seeing the usual trees and animals and was quite fun to do.

Finally, all game progress is automatically saved, so you can come back after a break and continue from where you left off.

Overall, Magic Jigsaw Puzzles offers good clean casual entertainment you can expect from any jigsaw puzzle. You can pick up the game from the Windows Store for the price of free if you are interested.

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