Magic Realms Brings Existing Card Games to Windows Phone

Magic Realms Windows Phone (1)

If you load up Magic Realms by Mobote Games for your Windows Phone you may notice something. This something is that Magic Realms is basically the Windows version of Elemental Kingdoms and is essentially a reskin of Lies of Astaroth. However, those quirks aside Magic Realms is still a great collectible card game for Windows Phones.

Magic Realms Windows Phone (2)

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What you get with Magic Realms is actually quite a lot. Deep storyline, PvP battles, clans, chats, cross platform support, cloud saving and more. The story of Magic Realms has you starting in the Tundra as you team up with an ally to investigate why a former ally suddenly turned aggressive. From there the story grows deeper across the twelve different maps. Combat is strictly card based of which Magic Realms’ is easy to learn and play. There are tons of different cards and they can be earned in a variety of ways. More fun with Magic Realms can be found in the clan system and the PvP battles if you choose to go the multiplayer route. Overall, Magic Realms is deep and takes the collectible card game genre and makes it super fun and addicting.

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