Maleficent Free Fall; Disney Brings Another Match-3 Movie Game

Maleficent Free Fall Windows Phone3

By now it is no surprise to see a mobile game pop up when a new movie is about to come out or comes out. It is good publicity/advertising and it has the added benefit of actually giving people enjoyment. However, it seems Disney is getting lazy with theirs. After their match-3 Frozen movie/game grab here they are again with Maleficent Free Fall a match-3 game based on the new movie Maleficent.

Maleficent Free Fall 1

Maleficent Free Fall 2

With that being said, as you can imagine not much is different from the typical match-3 mobile games you already have played. MaleficentFree Fall is themed as the movie. Besides that it plays the same as Frozen Fall and every other match-3 game in existence. However, if you really are into the movie Maleficent and match-3 games then I guess you are the perfect customer for Maleficent Free Fall. Be wary, though, as it is ripe with IAPs and ads like all the other movie/game money grabs.

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