Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Lands on the Windows Platform

Guardians of the Galaxy TUW Windows Phone

When a Marvel movie is about to launch it is natural to expect a mobile game to supercede it as a teaser to the real thing. So its no surprise that with Guardians of the Galaxy all set to launch in the next few weeks, Marvel has promptly launched the game of the same name on the Windows platform. However, there are a few surprising points to note here. The game can be played without an internet connection and has no IAPs whatsoever. Its also interesting to note that unlike other Marvel games, Gameloft has not been a party to the publishing.

Guardians of the Galaxy TUW 1

Guardians of the Galaxy TUW 2

Guardians of the Galaxy TUW 3

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That aside, players take on the role of the famed outlaw Star Lord and his motley crew comprising Rocket, a gun-toting raccoon, Groot, the tree-like humanoid, Gamora, and Drax the Destroyer as they travel though galactic locations in search of the five pieces of The Universal Weapon, which should be retrieved before it falls into the hands of the evil villain Ronan the Accuser. Players will also be able to recruit and train plenty of new Marvel heroes, and work their way through 60 levels of combat action to reveal the identity of the Guardians’ shadowy nemesis.

Players can also unlock up to 25 heroes and other characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy universe , customize and upgrade them as they progress through the game. If you’re into the superhero stuff, you can pick up Guardians of the Galaxy on your Windows Phone for $4.99 or on your Windows 8 device for $7.99.

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