More Match-3 Fun With Jelly Smash

Jelly Smash (1)

Match-3 games are all the rage right now for mobile gaming and you’ve probably played the heck out of the popular ones such as Candy Crush Saga and such. Well, a new one came out for Windows 8 and Windows Phone from the creators of Angry Gran that may be the next match-3 hit. The game is called Jelly Smash and as you could expect it has you matching jellies to beat the levels.

Jelly Smash (3)Jelly Smash (2)

It is interesting and nice to note that Jelly Smash is (for now) exclusive to windows. For once we can feel like the cool kids. Anyways, gameplay of Jelly Smash is as simple as you’d expect. Match jellies to make pairs of at least four to get points and get a certain amount of points to beat a level. Jelly Smash also has all the match-3 features we’ve come to know such as special jellies that clear rows/columns, etc. In general, Jelly Smash doesn’t really offer anything too substantially different but it is still well made and there is some fun to be had.

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