Medieval Apocalypse Review – Knight in Shining Armor

Medieval Apocalypse Windows 8 (10)

Medieval Apocalypse is an action RPG from Obomu Games which was published by Zoltán Gubics. As the name implies, this Windows 8 game brings players to a catastrophic medieval setting.

Rising of the Dead

In Medieval Apocalypse, you play out as a knight where you can choose from two different game modes: Chapters and Quests. Chapters mode has a story-driven gameplay which lets you explore the world and attack hordes and hordes of zombies. Watch out for the zombies as they come in 10 different forms with distinct features. You can run but you cannot hide as, most of the time, you need to eliminate those hordes Every time you kill an undead, you will gain experience and some even drops loots in a form of coins. Gather as many as you can to improve your weapon, shield, and skills in the Armory. Meanwhile, Quests allows players to complete side missions like killing a certain number of walkers, collecting minerals, surviving for a particular time, etc. in two settings. The first environment is a Cemetery and you can unlock the second one (Catacombs) by finishing 25 quests.

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Undead and I’m Loving It

Depending on where you’re playing the game, you will need to get used to the controls early. Luckily, the game starts with a tutorial to teach you the basics. You can control the character with the mouse and keyboard. Move the knight to your desired location with the arrow keys or by hitting the left-click button on the mouse. Tap on Q or the left mouse button to attack the zombies, and click W or 2 to defend. Perform special attacks like Leap (E or 3) or Whirlwind (R or right mouse button) for more damage while you can tap on C or 5 if you want to consume a health pack.
The game runs on a freemium model where it’s free-to-play but you can complete various quests or advance to the next levels with in-app purchases. Also, with an estimated size of less than 78 MB, I’m kind of surprised to see the quality of graphics. I’ve played it on my brother’s Windows 8 laptop and I enjoyed playing especially in the beginning. If you play daily, the developer will award you with extra coins and diamonds. This will come in handy as you can use it to buy from one of the 45 unique weapons/shields to boost your knight.

Medieval Apocalypse Windows 8 (8)

Judgment Day

Since it’s an initial launch, I see a lot of things they can improve. First, the Cemetery Map could use an increase in size. Players can easily roam the four corners and may get bored easily. Second, I encountered a bug on the Chapters game mode where the gates don’t open even if I have cleared the area from zombies. I was stuck and all I did was restart the level. It can be frustrating as the game doesn’t have save points. You have no choice but to get back from the very beginning. Third, there’s a spot in the cemetery where the zombies wouldn’t touch you. The spot is near a wagon and you can see the undead walking away from you. Lastly, the attacks may be limited. Since you face a lot of enemies at once, you tend to use the Whirlwind most of the time and it can get repetitive.

Medieval Apocalypse Windows 8 (7)

Medieval Apocalypse Windows 8 (9)


Overall though, Medieval Apocalypse is still a respectable hack-and-slash. This Windows 8 game features interactive levels, smooth graphics, and action-packed gameplay. Though the game has its flaws, it’s a free game that’s worth a try.

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Rating: 3.3/5

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