Modern Combat 5: Blackout is Now Available on Windows Phone

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Windows Phone

In keeping with their newest strategy of publishing games for the Windows platform at the same time as the iOS and Android platform, Gameloft has launched its much awaited first person shooter game Modern Combat 5 on the Windows Phone Store. If you were expecting to play the game on your Windows 8 devices, don’t worry, it is expected to arrive on the Windows Store some time later in the day.

Blackout will feature both single player and multiplayer campaigns with some new additions thrown into each mode. The highlight of the single player campaigns are the Spec Ops missions where you will face quick missions which should be ideal for mobile gameplay. Stars can be earned for the efforts and you can always come back and replay them to improve your ratings.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout 4

Modern Combat 5 Blackout 3

Modern Combat 5 Blackout 2

Modern Combat 5 Blackout 1

In the multiplayer mode, you can participate in four competitive game modes with up to 12 players. Free for all, Team battle, Capture the flag, and VIP will also support the newly introduced Squad battles, where you can take part in limited time events to earn cool rewards. The game also features a global chat system as well as a squad chat system for better interaction and engagement. Individual and squad leaderboards are also available. Game progression is now unified so you can earn XP in single player campaigns and enjoy them in multiplayer battles as well.

The game’s high end graphics means that you’re going to need devices with high memory, so ensure you have a device with a minimum 1GB RAM. The Windows version does not support Xbox Live either. Another bummer is that the game needs an internet connection to play, even if you’re only playing single player campaigns. That requirement is supposedly to prevent a repeat of what happened earlier this week (stop people from playing with pirated copies).

While not everybody’s gung-ho about playing console quality games on their humble smartphone, its all yours if you have $6.99 to spare.

Download button: Windows Phone Store

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