Never Future Brings Post-Apocalyptic Fun to Windows Phone

Never Future Cover
Think you can handle the apocalypse? Maybe so, but what about the post apocalypse? Never Future is a new post-apocalyptic RPG from SneakyBox that just hit Windows Phone. You play a young archaeologist who finds some mysterious artifacts which send him to a futuristic post-apocalyptic world.

Never Future Windows Phone (1)Never Future Windows Phone (2)Never Future Windows Phone (3)Never Future Windows Phone (4)
The base goal in Never Future is to find your way home by collecting trash and such for upgrades and battling plenty of monsters. Gameplay of Never Future features over fifty maps in which you’ll explore caves, cities, deserts, labs, and more. A big aspect of gameplay is collecting the “trash” for upgrades and to purchase new items in the shops. Note that Never Future has more of a casual feel than most RPGs go but even still all types of players will like Never Future. If you’re looking for something interesting on the Windows Store then check out Never Future.
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