New Windows Game King Oddball Is Certainly Different

King Oddball Windows Phone

With a title like King Oddball you know you’re in for a treat to get some wacky gameplay. 10Ton’s latest game is not an exception and is certainly…odd. The whole premise of King Oddball is you play as a ball of rock or something with a long tongue that you use to smash tanks, helicopters and more. Essentially you’re trying to end the world.

King Oddball (1)

King Oddball (2)

King Oddball (3)

King Oddball (4)

King Oddball has extremely simple controls so you’ll be smashing things all over in a matter of seconds. Specifically, the gameplay in King Oddball has you swinging and throwing a boulder which is attached to your tongue to smash things. Smashing everything in the fewest boulders gains you extra points and stars. Everything also has a great physics engine attached to it so you’re destruction seems more meaningful and powerful. Level wise King Oddball has over 120 levels
with secrets as well. This will give you plenty of Earth shaking action. Overall King Oddball is full of crazy action that makes it a game worth checking out.

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