Ninja School; Like Maple Story But On Windows Phone

Ninja School Windows Phone

Vietnamese mobile game developer TeaMobi has a thing for creating vast RPG games. In fact they have three big series; Spirit of Hero, Avatar and Ninja School. Ninja School is the subject of this post as it is very interesting and worth checking out.

Ninja School 1

Ninja School 2

Ninja School 3

Ninja School 4

In general, Ninja School plays like Maple Story. That is a free platforming RPG. Free range combat is the bread and butter of Ninja School and it does it fairly well. Controls themselves take some getting used to as they are different than the standard but still easy to figure out. The other big part of Ninja School is that it is an MMORPG like Maple Story. This means you can create/join clans, chat with people and add people as friends. The whole system could use some tweaking but it works ok for now. Other aspects that could use some tweaking are the English translations for everything. If you can get past those two things then Ninja School makes for a pretty fun MMORPG.

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