Oponki, a Color Based Reactionary Game Lights Up the Windows Phone Store

Oponki Windows Phone

Sometimes all you need to do to enjoy a few good moments of your time is to play a simple, yet challenging game. Oponki a new launch on the Windows Phone Store is precisely one such game. You are given a series of conditions before the start of the game and all you need to do to win is tap on the left or right side of the screen as instructed. You’ll be amazed at how simple, concise instructions can confound your brain and reflexes so much.

Oponki 2

Oponki 1

One example of gameplay involves tapping the left side of the screen when your background is light green. Any other background color will automatically mean tapping on the right side of the screen. Every time you tap correctly you earn points and advance to the next level. Obviously as you progress further into the game, your instructions get a little more complicated. You won’t be tapping the left side of the screen when the background is light green, but also when the text at the top is red and the ones at the bottom are black. To add to the pressure, you have a timer that steadily winds down so you have to be quick about your reflexes too.

The rules in Oponki couldn’t be a simpler, but the fact that it can challenge your reactions, test your memory, and sharpen your powers of observation makes it a game well worth enjoying. Oponki is available on the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.

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