Peggle 2 for Xbox One Gets New DLC Jimmy Lightning’s Bigger Better Balls

Peggle 2 (1)

When Peggle 2 landed on the Xbox One, it did not churn out any substantial innovations when compared to its predecessor, but that wasn’t an entirely bad thing. For players who complained about the fact that the game had only five playable characters, there’s good news. EA has released a new downloadable content pack (DLC) that not only adds a new character, but also brings new levels and achievements with it.

The DLC is titled “Jimmy Lightning’s Bigger, Better Balls” that features a dubstep inspired classical theme, 10 new levels, 30 new objectives, 3 unlockable costumes, and 3 new achievements. The newest DLC character, Jimmy Lightning is actually a returning character from the first game who can multi-pinball, causing three balls to bounce around and hopefully knock off more pegs along the way. A new spotlight effect has also been added to provide some extra flair to the action.

Peggle 2 (2)

Three new achievements can be earned for beating the Adventure levels, Trials levels, and for completing all the new secondary objectives. The DLC can be beaten in an hour but that doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging. If you can get most of the damage done using the multi-balls and the powerups, you could easily demolish the rest of the pegs. The really challenging part comes when you have to hit a big score in just one shot, but with a little bit of luck and plenty of skill, you can eventually make that happen too.

The most endearing feature of the pack though, is its music which is packed with plenty of good dubstep. For $1.99, this pack is definitely worth picking up.

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