Physics Based Puzzle Game Bombcats SE is now Available on Windows Phone

Bombcats SE Windows Phone

Remember the days when slinging the Angry birds to rescue the eggs from the evil pigs was great fun? Bombcats SE (Special Edition) does bring that familiar feeling back – instead of birds you fling furry cats across the screen in order to rescue innocent little kitties trapped in various locations.

While there are no big bad enemies to fight against in the game, you get to take your pick from seven different types of cats who come with their special skill levels. There’s Clawdia who can cling on to walls, Boing who can bounce away merrily on any surface, and Crush who can shake the very ground it walks on among others.

Bombcats SE 1

Bombcats SE 2

Bombcats SE 3

Bombcats SE 4

In each level, there are kittens trapped in bubble cages that need to be rescued and you do it by flinging the cat as close to the cage as possible. The cats will then blow up, bursting the bubble and releasing the kittens. The challenge in the game comes from the limited time and number of moves you have to save the kittens. You will also be required to collect suns and gems along the way to unlock more levels, get boosts, power ups, and pick up fun costumes.

This fun physics based puzzle game is not quite so easy to play as the Angry Birds and can be very challenging as you progress to higher levels. There are three game modes (Time Trial, Marathon, Challenges) that you can play through when you find the going tough and need a little deviation.

Bombcats SE is free to download and play and is a game you should definitely pick up from the Windows Phone Store.

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