Plane Wars is a Challenging Aviation Strategy Game for Windows Phone


Plane Wars for Windows Phone is an interesting action game that involves taking down enemy bases using your fleet of specialized air planes. With an initial small collection of friendly bases that hold a certain number of planes, you drag your fingers over to the enemy bases you want to raid.

Your planes will do the rest. The top of the screen displays the energy meter along with icons indicating special abilities that will charge the planes. You can attack multiple bases if you have enough ammunition in hand. The exciting thing about Plane Wars is that while you are attacking your enemy, the enemy planes will also engage in battle, mid-air. As you can imagine you’ll need to have your strategy well chalked out before attacking the enemy, because the action will be fast and frantic.

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Plane Wars has 48 levels of intense action, which you can play in different modes; Blind Mode where the enemy ships are hidden; No Energy Mode where you cannot use any special abilities; Sudden Death Mode where you have to defeat your enemy without losing any of your bases; and x2 Mode where your enemy is two times stronger than you. The game modes though have to be unlocked successively.

There are plenty of missions to complete and players can earn upgrade stars that can be used to improve the capabilities of the aviation fleet. Upgrades can range from increased firepower, more flight speed, and additional plane production among others.

Plane Wars is fun, easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master. If you love to put your strategic skills to the test, be sure to check out the game on the Windows Phone Store. Its available for $0.99 with the option to try-before-you-buy.

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