Play a Bored Skeleton Looking for Some Fun in Rope Jump on Windows Phone

Rope Jump Windows Phone

How hard can it be to jump rope? Not much you’d think but this simple game for Windows Phone is a tricky one.

You play a bored skeleton who has come out of his crypt looking for some entertainment. A magical sparkly rope appears suddenly on the screen and soon you are tapping on the screen to jump the rope. You earn a point for every successful jump you make and you keep on jumping so that you can better your scores.

Rope Jump 1

Rope Jump

If you like games that test your reflexive skills, Rope Jump is a game you’ll want to check out. There isn’t much to it mind you, but it is tough to get the timing and speed right and beating your own scores is a huge challenge.

Rope Jump is a simple game with absolutely no extra frills, which means you can get quickly bored. If you’d like to check it out, it is available on the Windows Phone Store for the price of free.

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