Play Commando Jack on your Windows Phone and Save the World from an Alien Invasion

Commando Jack Windows Phone

Commando Jack is a tower defense game with a difference. The gameplay in most games involves setting up defenses on the map and then standing by as the enemies take over. In Commando Jack, you do that but you get an extra advantage by sitting inside a turret and shooting at approaching enemies.

And that one significant twist in gameplay makes Commando Jack so satisfying. The enemies in the game are aliens and the type of aliens you play against will depend on the gaming style you choose. The game has 46 levels in all and you can plough through them in 3 game styles, using 4 difficulty settings, and in 2 game modes. The action is set in 6 regions of the world and you start off in London and then unlock other levels progressively.

Commando Jack 1

Commando Jack 2

Commando Jack 3

Commando Jack 4

Weapons at your disposal are of 21 different types and they can be upgraded up to 38 levels. You can make of the in game currency to upgrade items but there is also a wide range of ammo styles and bonus stuff that you can pick up using real world currency.

Commando Jack is a fun tower defense game that you can gladly add to your Windows gaming collection. The game is free to play, but is ad supported. You’ll want to have at least 1GB RAM to play this one without load times issues and other hiccups. If you’re in the hunt for some solid alien tower defense action, you can pick up the game from the Windows Phone Store.

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