Play the Popular Numbers Puzzle Game Sudoku on Your Windows 8 Device with Microsoft Sudoku

Microsoft Sudoku Windows Phone

If you consider yourself a math whiz and love to sharpen those grey cells with a good game of Sudoku every day, Microsoft is just handing you a reward on a platter. If you have a Windows 8 device, you can now download their free Microsoft Sudoku puzzle game and enjoy the classic game that is now packed with new modern features.

The game has 5 difficulty levels to choose from with the Irregular and Symbol Sudoku modes for an extra bit of challenge. If you are stuck in the game, you can make use of hints that will block duplicates or reveal incorrect answers so that you can proceed again.

Microsoft Sudoku 1

Microsoft Sudoku 2

Microsoft Sudoku 3

Microsoft Sudoku 4

Microsoft Sudoku can even be played with a mouse, keyboard, touchscreen, or stylus device. If you want to earn Xbox achievements, see your leaderboard scores or save your games to the cloud, simply sign in with your Microsoft account. This will also let you pick up the game from where you left off on another Windows 8 device, such as a tablet.

You can download Microsoft Sudoku on your Windows 8 device by clicking the button below.

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