Poppy Kart; Sort of Like Mario Kart

Poppy Kart Windows Phone

Kart racing games are also extremely fun. Just look at the hit video game franchise Mario Kart. However, Mario Kart is not the only kart racer in the game. In fact plenty of kart racers are now popping up in the mobile space (like Angry Birds Go! for instance). One that just hit Windows is Poppy Kart by Webrox.

Poppy Kart 1

Poppy Kart 2

Poppy Kart 3

Poppy Kart 4

Poppy Kart is a retro inspired kart racer that really looks similar graphically to the Mario Kart from SNES generation. There are plenty of levels although only the first 7 races are free. Poppy Kart also gives you different control options which is nice. Of course the big draw for Poppy Kart is the apparent nostalgia that it invokes. Either way check it out.

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