Popular Puzzle Game Sheep Up! Comes to Windows Phone with Exclusive Content

Sheep Up Windows Phone

Its nice to see a game that made it big on Android and iOS platforms come to Windows. But its even better when the Windows version features exclusive content. Developers Bad Seed have done just that. They have collaborated with Nokia, Microsoft, and AppCampus to bring exclusive content in a new edition of the game called Sheep Up! Black Light.

For those of you who are not familiar with the game, Sheep Up! is a tilt based puzzle game where you guide a toy sheep that’s stuck at the bottom of an old cardboard box to the top. The sheep is in a constant state of bouncing and your job is to tilt your device so that you can cross over the exit point. There are difficulties along the way in the form of obstacles blocking your path, and pits that you can fall into. 8 different types of powerups are available to help you out of such troubles such as clocks that will freeze time or umbrellas that will prevent you from falling.

Sheep Up 2

Sheep Up 1

Sheep Up! features 30 levels of puzzles spread across three worlds. The exclusive content brings an additional Cyber World with 10 levels and futuristic sheep suits for you to deck your toy sheep. The game is free to play, but includes support for IAPs, which you will be tempted to spend on if you don’t use your coins sparingly.

Anyway, Sheep Up! Black Light is available on the Windows Phone Store right now. Do check it out and tell us how you fared!

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