Popular Super Mega Worm Comes to Windows 8

Super Mega Worm Windows 8 (1)
The Super Mega Worm series has been around for awhile as it originated as a PC only title way back when. Since then it has reached enormous popularity due to its simplicity and addictiveness. It also has recently made the transition to mobile by getting on iOS and Android. Now the time for it to be on Windows 8 is here!

Super Mega Worm Windows 8 (3)Super Mega Worm Windows 8 (2)

If somehow you haven’t heard of Super Mega Worm I’ll explain. Basically Mother Earth is about to be destroyed due to humans and has sent out the Super Mega Worm to rid humanity. You control the worm as you dip and dive into the earth only to pop up and eat humans, blow up tanks and helicopters, etc. Gameplay is super fast and super addictive. Level wise you can play all 24 levels and there are two different game modes. Super Mega Worm is a retro classic that you need to play now!

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