Popular Windows Phone Strategy Game Cloud Raiders Gets a Mega Update

Cloud Raiders Windows Phone

Cloud Raisers, the smashing Windows Phone adventure that is set in the Skylanders universe is a pretty solid game. But for any game to build on its popularity, its needs to come up with engaging, fresh new content now and again. Thankfully, developers Game Insight have made efforts in that direction by bringing a new campaign, a new warrior class, and some extra awesome features in its epic game update.

The version sees a brand new campaign where an army of goblins will descend from the skies to attack you, and we hear that they are a relentless lot. You’ll be able to play around with a new warrior class, the Dragon Warriors who should hopefully be your defense against them, but you’ll first have to build the Dragon Academy to enroll them onto your side. You’ll need some additional resources to take on the new villains and this comes by way of a Command Flag to direct your troops, plus special new boosts. Another much needed feature that has been introduced lets you quickly re-train your troops right after an unsuccessful raid.

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One major grouse regarding selection of multiple wall sections has been addressed in this update. You now have the ability to multi-select wall sections to set up your defenses faster. Also its now possible to change your profile name to something more pronounceable in case you ended up creating a profile that read something like this: zeezeebeeze421. Lastly, if you’ve had your PvP raid progress go up in smoke, you’ll be happy to learn that the necessary bugs have been fixed.

There are also plenty of bonuses and rewards for your efforts when you shut off the enemy in campaign mode. What more excuses do you want to indulge in the coolest action strategy game on Windows Phone? Grab the latest update now and tell us what you think of the recent improvements.

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