Pororo Penguin Run; Famous Cartoon Comes to Windows Phone

Pororo Penguin Run Windows Phone

You may or may not know of Pororo the Penguin. If not all you need to know is that it is a rather famous cartoon that originated in South Korea but has since grown in popularity all over. Now, developer SuperSolid has put out a game with the Pororo world and characters called Pororo Penguin Run.

Pororo Penguin Run 1

Pororo Penguin Run 2

As you may have guessed from the name, Pororo Penguin Run is an endless runner. In this endless runner Pororo has his typical high energy as he runs, flies and jumps his way across the land. There are plenty of colorful and fantastical landscapes you get to run across in Pororo Penguin Run such as snowy lands and busy roads. Bonus modes come in the forms of rocket boosts, planes, cars and more. Controls are touch and tilt which make for a very intuitive game. Pororo Penguin Run is the official app for the cartoon so you know it has some good backing and is well polished. Check out Pororo Penguin Run for your Windows phone now.

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