Psychedelic Puzzle Game Super Polygon is Now Available for Windows Phone

Super Polygon

Do you like to get locked inside a maze and challenge your way out of it? Super Polygon is in some ways like stepping into a maze, except that it’s a lot more psychedelic that you can imagine. The maze is a constantly moving super polygon that spins to a hypnotic beat, all the while changing its complex patterns and colors.

You need to navigate a piece of puzzle by tapping the right and left side of the screen. While the concept itself is simple, the game can be as frustrating to play as the infamous Flappy Bird. Until you figure out how to work your way through the patterns, you’re going to be dying many times, not to mention being frustrated just as much. Timing is obviously the key, but so is your keen sense of sight. All this hard work will earn you scores, which you can compare with players from around the world on global leaderboards.

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If you do manage to successfully complete the polygon, you can unlock other worlds such as the Super Square, Super Pentagon, Super Hexagon and Super Octagon. Super Polygon is available on the Windows Phone Store for the price of free. Check it out and tell us if you enjoyed a trip down this psychedelic maze.

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