Now You Can Feed Your Penguin with Pudgy Penguin Out for Windows Phone 8

Pudgy Penguin Windows Phone (1)

Most puzzle games are so simple that you wouldn’t think they would become popular but then they defy you and become huge successes! This is the case with the simple puzzle game from Junckdawg called Pudgy Penguin. The simple goal in Pudgy Penguin is to draw a line to get food to the penguin.

Pudgy Penguin Windows Phone (2)

Pudgy Penguin Windows Phone (3)

Again, so simple but captivating and addictive. Pudgy Penguin does have a few elements of challenge to it, however. The first is there are time constraints, obstacles and the food drops rather quickly. What I do like about Pudgy Penguin is that there isn’t just one solution to each level but lots of different solutions which work. That freedom is nice and a good element to have in puzzle games if you want one that appeals to all audiences. Pudgy Penguin is out now for Windows Phone 8 and you can download a free trial version now that has seven full levels. Or you can buy the full version for $1.99 and get the full 25 levels.

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