Put Another Endless Runner In Your Pocket With Pocket Avenger

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We’ve all played zombie games and we’ve all played endless runners. Heck, we’ve all played the two combined, so what makes Pine Entertainment’s zombie endless runner game Pocket Avenger any different? Well, it utilizes some new features. Specifically it has more social aspects than most other games of the ilk.

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Another big difference is that Pocket Avenger is level based. In fact it has over 200 levels that includes some epic boss battles. In addition to the running there is also gunning with a variety of weapons. Of course the zombie theme is fairly overplayed by now but even still Pocket Avenger manages to make it still seem fresh. Where the social aspect comes into play is that with Pocket Avenger you not only can compete in weekly challenges against other players but also can team up with people. Team up? Yes, you can team up with your friends to battle the bosses in awesome showdowns. Pocket Avenger may seem to be just another endless runner but is more than that.

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