Put On Your Smart Pants for an IQ Mission on Windows

IQ Mission Windows phone

There are smart games that make you feel stupid and then there are smart games that make you feel like a superior being. IQ Mission from YUMMY Factory is a puzzle game that definitely belongs to the latter category. It puts you in the shoes of a super smart secret agent who must travel to 8 global cities to solve puzzles. Successful completion of the job in each city will reveal a piece of a larger map that holds the secret source of the Earth’s energy.

The highlight of the game are the puzzles, which have a logical element to it and are both engrossing and challenging. The game’s main menu displays mugshots of eight informants who are located in Luxor, Monte Carlo, Antwerp, Rapa Nui, Marrakech, Paris, Beijing and London. Tapping on a mugshot will take you into the puzzles that need to be solved in that city. You will receive instructions from your informant on the nature of the puzzles that can range from restoring a jumbled circular pattern or building walls around towers to matching stain glass patterns on a window and moving a dice into a specific position on the gaming table. Of course, the tasks may seem easy but are highly challenging due to the limitations they contain.

IQ Mission 1

IQ Mission 2

IQ Mission 3

IQ Mission 5

Obviously that’s the reason why you have a chance to buy a hint (by tapping the keyhole) for $0.99 via IAPs. IQ Mission has in all 128 levels and 20 game achievements. If you’re looking for an action adventure puzzle game, you’ll probably want to shy away from this one. However, this is a must-have if you’re big on logical thinking games.

IQ Mission is currently available on the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store for $0.99, but that’s a special launch price, so if you snooze you’re going to lose out on a great price. Both Stores include a trial version too, so try ‘em, buy ‘em and tell us how well you outsmarted ‘em!

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