Put Your Survival Skills to the Test in Addictive Arcade Game Shoggoth Rising for Windows

Let’s face it! There’s nothing more captivating than a game that’s got stunning visuals and solid gameplay ideas. Shoggoth Rising, an action arcade game that’s just landed on the Windows platform will have you hooked right from the start.

You play a shipwrecked hero Ned, who has taken refuge in a lighthouse. Sadly, you are not safe from the sea monsters who are, for some insane reason, out to kill you. They come out from all sides of the lighthouse, leaving you with no option but to pull out your weapons and kill them before they get to you. You start off with a humble Blunderbuss but unlock more weapons as you progress. Not all the weapons in the world help you when you are facing waves upon waves of monsters though, and that’s when things get a little more interesting. You can call on certain special powers (that are unlocked a little later in the game) such as St. Elmo’s Fire, which is a bolt of lightning, to ward off waves of enemies in one single stroke. Surviving a level brings in money which can be used for further upgrades.

Shoggoth Rising 1

Shoggoth Rising 2

The game’s atmosphere is dark and heavy, with rain, lightning, and waves constantly swirling around you. You can move your camera around the darkness to get a better look at where your enemies are coming from and that helps. A health meter at the top of the screen indicates how long you can survive the challenges and its game over if your health hits the zero mark.

Shoggoth Rising is playable in episodes. The first episode has 20 levels while the second one is locked with a “Coming Soon” banner. The game is priced $0.99 on the Windows Phone Store and its a universal app, which means you can buy it once and install it on all your Windows devices. The game offers a free trial so make use of it before you give away your money!

You can pick up Shoggoth Rising for Windows 8 or Windows Phone and tell us what you think of the game in the comments section.

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