Rabbids Big Bang for Windows Phone is Available All This Month for Free

Rabbids Big Bang Windows Phone

Rabbids, those crazy, mischief making bunnies from the Rayman series emerged on the Windows Phone in a space themed physics puzzle game called Rabbids Big Bang some time ago. If you hesitated picking it up earlier when it was available for $0.99, now is a good time to get it, as the game has just gone free.

For those of you who are not familiar with the game, you sling a Rabbid into space and then guide its path using a jetpack and the planet’s gravity. You compete in various missions and engage in silly antics like bouncing off space duckies, avoiding space cows or flying right to the Sun. You’ll also collect coins and use that to upgrade the jetpack so you can fly some more. If you’re big on customizations, the game offers plenty of bizarre costumes to make your Rabbid look insanely funny!

Rabbids Big Bang 1

Rabbids Big Bang 2

Rabbids Big Bang 3

Rabbids Big Bang 4

Rabbids Big Bang is available for free all through this month on Windows Phone, so you’ve got nothing to lose in picking this up. Who knows, you may have just earned yourself a few good hours of free entertainment.

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